Fireside Chats

What They Are

Fireborn also offers discussions on a variety of topics in a more casual atmosphere. During Fireside Chats, a Fireborn Expert will talk for 20-30 minutes on a topic of your choosing (from the list below) and will answer questions as a group or individually. These less formal events allow for more intimate conversations.

How They Work

Because of the nature of these discussions, they are typically hosted by clients either at a participant’s home or at local community organizations, such as libraries and churches. Fireside Chats can be held in the morning, as a coffee chat or breakfast, or later as a lunch or, as we like to call them, as a “Wine & Wisdom” event.
Donations of approximately $20 per person, in addition to travel expenses, are appreciated. Ideal group size is between 5-30 people and varies based on the venue and the type of event.

Our topics include...

Social & Emotional

Social & Emotional

Handling Anxiety
Motivating the Unmotivated
Overcoming a Fixed Mindset
Building Willpower
Encouraging Failure
Promoting Play
Life Skills

Life Skills

Fostering Effective Study Habits
Time Management
What are Executive Function Skills?
Starting Routines at a Young Age


Dealing with Defiant Teens
Communicating with Your Tween or Teen
How to Discipline Your Child (varies based on age)
Authoritative v. Authoritarian v. Permissive

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