#98 Your Executive Functions Strengths

#98 Your Executive Functions Strengths


Executive Functions is a hot term. And that’s a good thing. Executive functions are some really key support skills that help you to be successful in school and later in life. They include things like your ability to plan, to organize, to manage your time, to think before you speak, to start working on really boring tasks because you just have to, and to keep your attention on those really boring tasks.

We are all naturally better at some things and worse at others. And because some things come naturally to us, it can make us think that it should be natural for everyone else. But that’s not the case. Sometimes your kids are naturally good at the same things as you, but not always. So in this episode, we go through the executive functions, discover what you are good at so that you can think about your kid’s executive functions and how their strengths and weaknesses play out at home. That will be a good starting place for starting to work on improving the areas that are weaker.


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