#90: Taking it Slow

#90: Taking it Slow


Fireborn’s on a mission to help people slow down! The research shows being busy isn’t actually good for your brain and it’s not good for productivity. The research also shows that self-compassion, and not stress and negative thinking, is good for overcoming challenges and perseverance. What’s good is taking your time and teaching our kids to take their time. It encourages curiosity. It gives our brains time to be thoughtful and consider different possibilities. So it helps kids to start thinking analytically. And it teaches them to be present in the moment – to be aware of their surroundings and appreciate what is going on. Really good things! Fireborn’s got 5 tips to help you help your kids slow down.

References & Resources:

Calm (a meditation app)

Sitting Still like a Frog (a meditation book)


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