#77: Helping Your Kid Make Friends with Dr. Emily Anastasio

#77: Helping Your Kid Make Friends with Dr. Emily Anastasio


A happy social life means having good friends. A happy social life is essential to school success because if you are worried about your social life, you can’t focus on your school work. School is a much safer, happier place when you have friends, making it much easier to thrive there. So it’s no wonder that parents worry about if their child is making friends. And when their child seems to be overly pushy, constantly texting friends, or perhaps wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t seem to want to be friends with them, that can be really difficult for parents as they try to figure out how to best help their child while not getting too involved. Neuropsychologist Dr. Emily Anastasio joins Fireborn to talk about how to help your child with these friendship dilemmas.


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