#76: The Privacy Dilemma

#76: The Privacy Dilemma


Being a kid feels really dangerous these days. Kids are eating Tide Pods, getting cyberbullied, and sending sexts. And technology is really leading the way for so many of these dangerous things. Kids are watching YouTube and Instagram stars do stupid, risky things and they are constantly getting notifications from apps about who knows what. And so in response to this, we have more apps. Apps that are meant to keep our kids safe and that let parents know a lot of information about their kids – like who their children are talking to and how much. But that is a problem for kids who need privacy. Privacy is something that kids want and need and something that was already hard for parents to give when we were growing up, but feels even harder and even more dangerous these days.

Research shows that parents who give their kids more autonomy and privacy are actually victimized less frequently than kids whose parents are more controlling and invasive. So we definitely want to give kids privacy! So how do we do that? Fireborn has 9 tips!


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