What They Are

Fireborn offers in-person lectures for parents that provide attendees with concrete strategies they can take home and begin to use immediately to enrich their children’s educational experiences. These lectures are loaded with practical strategies for parents to use at home, instead of solely providing theoretical information.

These programs are structured presentations that last 1-1.5 hours.

How They Work

We will come to you! We give lectures at schools during parents’ association meetings and at companies, typically during the lunch hour for ‘Lunch & Learns’. We also work with local educational organizations to offer presentations for parents in the evenings.

Please contact us for further information and pricing. (Lectures are free thanks to our wonderful donors! However, there are travel expenses we have to take into consideration).


Fireborn currently offers two lectures, with more on the way!

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Life Skills: Be Ready! The Well-Put-Together Student

Services Lecture 1 pic 4An executive functions workshop for parents of the disorganized and late.

During this presentation, parents learn strategies to get their children to school on time with homework ready to be turned in, an organized backpack, and a jacket. The presentation starts with an overview of what executive functions are and their importance. Then the presentation delves into specific strategies regarding:

  • how to effectively communicate with your child about executive functions,
  • how to teach your child to plan, organize, and manage her time, and
  • how to help your child stop procrastinating (or rather, to initiate tasks).

These specific executive function skills (planning, organization, time management, and task initiation) are key to the lecture’s goals of getting your child to school on time with homework ready to be turned in, an organized backpack, and a jacket.

The lecture focuses on these goals because they are essential to school success. For instance, if you are late, it can be hard for you to catch up to what is happening in class. If you did not do your homework, you will not learn the material. Or, if you lost your homework in your messy backpack, you will not get the grade you deserve.

This presentation is ideal for parents of children ages (approximately) 8-13 because this is a time when children’s executive function skills are developing and when teachers are asking them to use those skills more frequently.

Academics: PPT 101 with Andrea Alvarez

Services Lecture 1 picLearn to navigate the bewildering world of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Learn to navigate the bewildering world of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) so that you can attend the PPT (planning and placement team) meeting feeling confident while effectively advocating for your child. 

  • Learn how to read an IEP in order to better prepare yourself.
  • Understand what a “good” goal is and how to interpret all the jargon.
  • Learn ways to advocate for your child while maintaining a positive relationship with the team.
As a Special Education Advocate, Andrea Alvarez focuses on empowering parents whose voices are the best tools when advocating for their children.

Andrea Alvarez is a veteran special needs teacher, director, and advocate. As the Director of Special Education at North Hills middle and high schools, Andrea led, wrote, advocated, and attended dozens of IEP’s. As a former Special Education teacher, resource specialist, and assistant director, Andrea worked closely with administrators, parents, counselors, and teachers to help create educational programs that benefit each child.  

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